Our Program is a Bit Different


There is Hope


For many of us we try to beat addiction on our own and we get frustrated that we just cannot seem to make it stick.  Addiction is tough and at Sojourners our staff are all in recovery and we "get it."

The journey from acting out to becoming sane often involves a unique approach for each person and we set it as our goal to partner with each person as they journey towards hope, healing and renewal.  For those who allow us to partner with them on this path we have over a 90% recovery rate and we will fight alongside of you each step along the way.


We Also Try to Have Some Fun Along the Way


We understand that recovery can be tough but we also don't want to lose focus on the fact that while we go through recovery we still need to live.

As a result, we actively plan events and activities to "do life together" with families and friends along the way.

We have taken trips to the lighthouse in Ponce Inlet; gone kayaking; ride motorcycles (Doc is heavy into that); have game nights; schedule barbeque times every quarter where we hang out and eat together.  Recovery has to be lived in balance and we make sure to model that for each person who joins our family.


Personalized Care


At Sojourners you are not just a "number."  We care for each client and view the recovery path as a journey that we go on together.  We provide tools, resources, counseling, coaching and pretty much all that is needed as long as you come with a desire to change.

You have access to our staff 24 hours a day and we attempt to do life together.  You are part of our family and we intentionally create an atmosphere of peace, relaxation and "come as you are."  

Our staff wears jeans, we have two small therapy dogs that run free and we believe all of us can change for the better.  There might be tough spots along the way but we won't give up as long as you want to fight for a better future.


We do offer IOP and PHP programs as well as individual counseling.  Check out the "services" link to learn more about the programs.

*We provide groups most nights and develop individualized programs for those who have unique schedules and need some flexibility to continue to work or go to school.

We are also licensed to see adolescents and adults of all ages!

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us for more information.  

Phone: 407-952-8444

Fax: 321-249-0222

Sojourners Recovery & Wellness Center, Suite 2421

1349 S International Pkwy, Lake Mary, Florida 32746, United States

We also have another location at 58 North Charles Richard Beall Blvd., Suite C, Debary, FL 32713

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Our Lake Mary Office


Doc's office


We have a comfortable and relaxed office in Heathrow located just off Interstate 4.


We are State Licensed with the Department of Children and Families in Florida and are a Registered Treatment Center in the United States.

Our Debary Location


We are located across the street from the Dunkin Donuts in Debary

Joint Commission Accredited


We are accredited by The Joint Commission.  One of the highest levels of accreditation available.

DUI Treatment Approved


We are licensed to provide DUI treatment services for Seminole & Orange Counties and throughout the State